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Going to EVO

2010-07-08 02:54:31 by Celarent

I'm going to be around EVO this weekend, so if there are any newgrounders around there it would be nice to meet.

I'm gonna check Marvel vs. Capcom 3!
Remember, no vuvuzelas allowed!

Btw, here's my demo reel from the animation course I took at vanarts, to show I haven't been totally dead: Z29s&hd=1 (putting a link because the embed video thing is failing)

See ya peoples.

Art portal

2009-08-21 22:25:34 by Celarent

I love the thumbnailing tool, is making the galleries look so stylish.
I'm gonna be posting more drawings on here... when I get to do them

OH Dictatorship of Proletariat I LOVE SKIN

2009-04-01 04:23:50 by Celarent

I love the skin D: I'm laughing so much at the moment that I can't type D: the submission and game, lawl.
I hope this skin stays forevar (or as an option at least).

April 1st, the day the internet collapses.

Btw, It has been a month of 2d animation studying in Vanarts, and it's pretty fun. Been also working in a flash collab with a friend, and I hope to finish it soon.
Also looking for PS3 killzone 2 gamers, feel free to note me o:

Site Rehaul

2008-12-03 21:11:01 by Celarent

I gave my homepage a total redesign (mostly on the system though, as I tried to keep the same stetics) by deciding to implement it completely on Wordpress. This will hopefully lead me to keeping with updates more often, and to upload news/pictures more easiliy (as you can see, the gallery is back up). This also will give you people the chance to comment on here, so feel free to.

I decided to remove the flashy flash at the top of the page, mostly because it's not a very good idea to have it running along my usually prossesor-intensive flash animations. Thus why I changed it to just a gif.

Also, the Intonarumori blog is fused back into the site, as I'm gonna try to keep my attention back in one place. It's basically a collection of things I find neat from the web, along some of my rare game reviews, not really a blog about my doings. (thats what the news section will be for... so expect it to be slow)

I discovered wordpress while searching for a good comic script, which I indeed found (Comicpress), so I'll be hopefully implementing the comic section soon.

As for me, I've been mostly drawing and working, but I hope to get back to doing flash stuff soon, prolly trowin a small flash loop soon.

Site Rehaul


2008-08-13 23:24:59 by Celarent

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Mmmm... newgrounds Log...

2007-10-04 15:01:10 by Celarent

Inaugurating this blog thing, also to let people post somewhere in my account.

Also, must say thanks for all the reviews, I do read them all, even if I dont reply to all of them. They are a good source of energy.
Currently working on a part for the AFD6 collab (All Newgrounds Fads die 6).
I have various ideas for quick animations (abstract and actiony stuff), but not sure on which to work... Still deciding if I'll do an RAW animation or not (I'm not the writer of the story, and it seems to big to be done in flash). I'll be trying to get some animations done these days though.

P.D. What? NG is gonna be pink all this month?! Well, it is for the girls...

-Celarent out-