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Going to EVO

2010-07-08 02:54:31 by Celarent

I'm going to be around EVO this weekend, so if there are any newgrounders around there it would be nice to meet.

I'm gonna check Marvel vs. Capcom 3!
Remember, no vuvuzelas allowed!

Btw, here's my demo reel from the animation course I took at vanarts, to show I haven't been totally dead: Z29s&hd=1 (putting a link because the embed video thing is failing)

See ya peoples.


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2010-07-08 02:56:19

dude u gotta put sum more animations on newgrounds! u are like one of the main animators that got me started animating!

Celarent responds:

I need to do them first before uploading them, but I got lots of ideas in my head, I just need to find the time and focus to do them...

Thanks for the support though, I'm glad to have been an inspiration c:


2010-07-08 03:40:33

h*ll yeah b*tch time to own some scrubs


2010-07-08 09:27:51

yoga yoga yoga


2010-07-08 10:05:54

I was going to go, since I had a blast there last year. But I've decided against it because of the costs. So I'm probably going to give it a miss this year.


2010-07-08 13:28:17

GO VAAAAAAAAAANCOUVER! (yeah...i live there)


2010-07-08 23:38:46

Nice to see you on the site again, Celarent, so here's a short rant for you:

I was trying to think of some way of expressing my admiration for your talent and to convey my hope that you'll be creating more animations soon, but I don't know what to write, really, so I guess this monotonically-boring-text will have to do instead.

I really mean it too, Future remains, possibly, the best flash animation I've ever seen, despite it's flaws, which is saying something since, and you got to trust me on this, I've been watching flash movies for a very, very long time.

And good luck at EVO, I'm eagerly awaiting for MvC 3 too. Can't wait to use Deadpool's special. ^_^


2011-04-13 17:48:39

Lmao I'll always remember you as the Mario dude